jolly disco | nika kupyrova

Quite unprecedented for our generation, this long period of open-ended waiting, without a clear time frame or an end goal feels like a pause in a sentence, reminiscent both of leisurely boredom of school holidays (when is lunch, mom?) and fidgety anxiety of waiting for a call back from a job interview (what’s the verdict?). Unoccupied stretches of time end up being filled with tasks directed not towards a result but a process itself, an experience of time. There is anarchy in wasting time that goes against capitalist notions of efficiency and productivity. Perhaps in this controversial gesture lies a key to re-learning time and work.


Jolly Disco is an ongoing series of drawings based in their number and duration on a pencil set produced by a common school supplies brand Jolly. Time spent on as well as the size of drawing are determined by how long each pencil lasts. The series is completed once all of the 42 pencils are used up and re-sharpened to the point that they no longer can be held in a hand. 

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