empathy - sold - life continues for a reasonable amount of time | lefki savvidou

In an effort to be hopeful for the post-corona era, it's hard for one to imagine a world where everything and everyone doesn’t fall back into old habits and routines; a world in which no pandemic has ever taken place. After experiencing, what seems to look like a decomposition of society and peoples lives, it feels like we are building a future onto shaky foundations and not from the ground up. If one takes into account all the events and actions that have taken place during the covid-19 period, it's hard for one to believe that a covid-19 free future would be positively different from the past. This notion is expressed in my video sold, which was recorded (audio & video) and edited in its entirety on a mobile phone as these were the means available. 


For the piece life continues for reasonable amount of time I have used as a background the so called Form B issued by the Cyprus Government, which is the Declaration of Citizen’s Movement in Exceptional Cases. Form B is used in order to be allowed to move around during the lockdown. The phrase “reasonable amount of time” is taken from the confirmation text that one receives when submitting the form; people are aloud to do said activities for a reasonable amount of time.



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