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Androula combines vocals and electronics to create ritual-based pieces and performances. She has written music for theatre and film and participated in festivals in Cyprus and abroad. She studied Philosophy (BA, MPhil) at University College London and directs the non-profit exhibition space The Island Club. 

Her projects and participations include: ‘Human Nature’, in collaboration with visual artist Jeremy Carne (Graz Festival, Austria, 2019); ‘The Labyrinth’, in collaboration with visual artist Dimitrios Michailidis (theYard.Residency.19); ‘Subaerial: Evry1wlcome’ (part of the EU-funded Phygital programme, Thkio Ppalies, 2019); ‘Phoenix’ by enacttheatre (part of ‘The Roof’ programme by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 2019); The Gathering IV (Honest Electronics, 2019). 

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