farewell, my heart; the time has come to surrender to history | androula

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Composition / Recording: Androula

Mastering: Aristos Ioannou

Visual: Evita Ioannou

In a way, we surrender ourselves to history as soon as we come into the world: our lives are largely determined by the historical moment and the corresponding social, political and economic conditions we are born into. And history is always turning, but at certain times it seems to be doing so more quickly or more violently than others. Farewell, My Heart; The Time Has Come to Surrender to History attempts to articulate the experience of watching history unfold as this may correspond to the present moment, but not just with reference to the Covid-19 pandemic. Climate change, late capitalism, global politics in recent years – and so much else – has long been signifying a damaged and changing world. But Farewell, My Heart is not, or not only, about fearfully anticipating an unknown future. That we are at last collectively beginning to think about a different (and better) world is profoundly fascinating, as well as necessary; and ‘surrendering to history’ is ultimately about being ready to submit oneself to the process of bringing such a world about. A stepping-outside-of-oneself and viewing one’s life from the vast perspective of history can be peculiarly empowering, and must precede any attempt at envisioning a new life, as required by regnōsis.

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