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Andrea Sonnenberg is a photographer born and raised in San Francisco, California. 


"I have had the extreme pleasure of showcasing photographs for over ten years, doing solo and group shows across the U.S., Europe and Asia. In the past I have contributed to magazines such as Vice, Juxtapoz, Japan's Anna Mag and worked with skate-oriented companies like Benny Gold, RVCA, Altamont, Vans and Supreme. I was honored to have been the youngest artist contributor to the prolific 'Art In The Streets' exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Geffen Los Angeles in 2011, and have been shooting and making zines consistently since high school. I often collaborate with the inimitable Hamburger Eyes magazine, which had a studio that was a hub for photographers and artists based out of San Francisco until a few years ago. I continue to shoot and live in the Bay Area."

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