untitled | andrea sonnenberg

As I get older, I find that a lot of my photography has a feeling of isolation already ingrained in it, so the concept of the post-Covid-19 future and this current state of stagnant loneliness, translated into photography is a learning process day to day. Life is a series of adaptations. With a medium like documentary photography, it's nearly impossible to create works of what I personally believe the future resembles. Instead, I wanted to focus my attention on one's silent admiration of the world we live in now, and the power that our planet infinitely holds, beyond this crisis. I find comfort in the subtleties of others admiring the earth. This is a collection of photographs of people doing just that; admiring the world as it is, in that moment. Although you may only see their backs, you can almost imagine a little smile on their faces, silently taking in the endless grandeur that is mother nature. 

© regnōsis 2020