In this online-exhibition, invited artists were called to envision the post-corona era, taking into consideration the socio-political and individual rearrangement and redeployment which will take place in a pandemic-free world. What is the new knowledge (gnosis - γνῶσις, gnōsis, f. in the Greek language) gained after a possible introspection during this isolation? Reflecting how the new world will be operating and the adaptation that it might entail, regnōsis* should be understood as a process of re-establishing and regaining knowledge in a scenario of a new order.

This exhibition is an initiative by Eleni Angastiniotou and Lefki Savvidou in order to enforce cultural activity during the period of isolation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

*The title regnōsis was inspired by an article written by German future researcher and visionary Matthias Horx, “Die Welt nach Corona”/ “The Post Corona World”. 

© regnōsis 2020